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exceeded all limits! Person smoked cigarette in office over 4500 times, now all arrogance is gone, will pay 9 lakh fine



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A government employee in Japan smoked cigarettes 4,500 times in the office.
Since 2019, smoking at work has been banned in the city of Osaka in Japan.
A fine of Rs 9 lakh was imposed on the person for breaking the rules.

Tokyo. There are many rules when working in the office. Some people follow these rules and others keep them on hold and break them again and again. But what if someone breaks these rules repeatedly? A similar incident happened in Japan (Japan News). Where the government employee repeatedly broke the same rule while on the job. But such action was taken against him that he would not try to break it again.

A Japanese civil servant has been accused of smoking more than 4,500 times in 14 years on the job, Next Shark reports. For this, a heavy fine was imposed on him. The person will have to pay a fine of around 1.44 million yen (around Rs 9 lakh) for this act. On March 20, Osaka city authorities fined a 61-year-old employee of the prefectural finance department and two of his colleagues for smoking while on duty despite a warning.

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In addition to this fine, the authorities ordered a 10% deduction from employees’ wages for six months. Explain that a complete ban on smoking cigarettes on government premises in Osaka was imposed in 2008. Government employees are no longer allowed to smoke during working hours, this ban started in 2019.

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The three employees were notified for the first time in September 2022 by their line manager. During a follow-up interview in December 2022, all three allegedly lied about not smoking. He lost approximately 355 hours and 19 minutes smoking cigarettes during working hours. Some employees argued that even taking breaks to chat and have tea and snacks during working hours could be considered a waste of time.

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