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Explainer: What is Erdogan’s dominance in Turkey so far, what does this mean for the future of the country?



Melbourne. Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to power for another five-year term in Turkey after beating his rival Kemal Kelichdaroglu in the presidential election. If he completes his third consecutive five-year term as president, he will become the leader to stay in power for 26 years. What is surprising is that despite the deteriorating economy and soaring inflation, which is thought to be the reason for the fall of the government in a democratic country, most Turks have re-elected Erdoğan.

Now the question is how Erdogan won the elections and what can happen in the country in the future? The elections were held in a free manner in the country. Political parties had the freedom to choose their candidates and to campaign. These parties also had the right to send their representatives to each polling station, to ensure that there was no disruption in the counting of the votes. Voters also had the right to vote as they wished, but the elections were not fair. First, Ekrem Imamoglu, the main potential rival in the election race “Insult of public figures” In December, he was sentenced to more than two years in prison for having popular Istanbul mayor Imamoglu defeat Erdogan’s party in Istanbul’s 2019 elections. Several polls had shown that he could easily win against Erdogan in the presidential election.

good grip on supports

Some people say the case filed in court was politically motivated. With Imamoglu off the board, the opposition was forced to back Kelichdaroglu, the weakest of all possible top contenders. Other than that, Erdogan has a good grip on the media across the country. Erdogan and his supporters have ensured the president gets the most coverage on television.

Erdogan has been portrayed in the media as a world leader promoting Turkey by building airports, roads and bridges. He was interviewed on television by dozens of journalists, but all the questions were prepared in advance and Erdogan read the answers using a teleprompter, while the opposition candidate, Kelichdaroglu, received little television coverage and was criticized by the media as such. able to govern the country.

Vogs Voting Probability
Apart from this, there is a possibility of ballot box fraud. After the counting of each ballot box, the police in the towns and the army in the regional areas deliver the ballot papers and the results sheets to the electoral commission. Erdogan tightly controls the police and the army. After that, the results are made public only through the state-owned “Anadolu Agency”, whereas previously many independent agencies gave their information.

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rival support and religious fanaticism

Another thing that worked in favor of the president is that Sinan Ogan, who finished third in the first round of the presidential election two weeks ago, threw his support behind Erdogan. Another important reason for Erdogan’s victory is that conservative and religious voters see Erdogan as a religious hero and a messiah. Turkey desperately needed a change of government, but if this does not happen, the situation of social, political and economic suffocation is likely to worsen.


According to the Turkish constitution, this will be Erdogan’s last term, which may also end prematurely. Indeed, the 69-year-old president suffers from numerous health problems and may have to hand over power to one of his deputies even before the end of his term.

Another possibility is that the potential leader of his party decides to stage a coup before the end of Erdogan’s term, in order to gain public support ahead of the 2028 presidential election. politics may emerge in Turkey after the elections for the time being, the country will continue to face economic, social and political upheavals in the near future.

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