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Explainer: What is the meaning of the US report on leaving Afghanistan?



strong points

In August 2021, the US military leaves Afghanistan.
Joe Biden only took office in January 2021 and the return was considered chaotic.
Republicans were angered by holding Trump responsible for this in the report.

There is no doubt that bitterness has risen in many democracies around the world and its example is not only India but also America. The way a lawsuit is filed against the former US president, and he issues a statement in response, clearly shows the direction in which the political rivalry is heading. Recently, the administration of current President Joe Biden released a review of some classified reports in which Trump is responsible for the random withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. This angered Republican lawmakers. This review can impact not only America but the world as well.

growing competition
In American politics, the rivalry between Democrats and Republicans has grown a lot lately. Where Trump’s trial will make him famous, Republicans will also be forced to consider what effect it may have on Trump’s candidacy. It’s also true that so far Republicans are unable to ignore Trump’s popularity.

Republican reaction
In such a situation, Republicans view the attack on Trump as a direct attack on themselves for the path of withdrawal from Afghanistan. The review makes it clear that Trump had not planned for the withdrawal of U.S. forces and that his administration had had no time to plan anything. This created resentment among Republican deputies and they demanded documents so they could investigate on their own.

Republican charge
These criticisms of the Biden administration were extracted from the Pentagon and America’s secretive State Department, which were sent to Congress. Michael McCall, Republican chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee, strongly criticized the Democratic administration. He said in a statement that it was Biden who ordered the pullout and that he was responsible for the colossal failure of its implementation and planning.

series of charges
McCall, who oversaw the Republican investigation, says it was because of his own persistent allegations last year that he forced the Democratic administration to send the Pentagon and State Department reviews to Congress. The summary of the review indicates that the choice of how to plan for the withdrawal of troops was severely limited by the circumstances created by his predecessor. The outgoing administration has provided no plan for determining how to make a permanent return.

20 years, you talk, you turn
The US military was in Afghanistan for 20 years and the main reason for that was the rise of the Taliban, but after 20 years the Taliban rose again and captured half of Afghanistan, and the Trump administration negotiated the withdrawal of American forces. The process began and when the withdrawal began thousands of people were forced to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban captured Kabul.

This case has many lessons for the world as well as for India. Such an event, which had affected the geostrategic and political situation of the whole world for 20 years, its outcome was not good, at least for the neighboring countries including Afghanistan and India, and now this kind of policy warns that American politics There is a need to be very careful about this. The decision of the Russian-Ukrainian war itself appears to hinge on the upcoming US presidential election, in which a Republican victory could raise hopes for peace. In such a situation, it seems like the right decision for India to engage with the Taliban with its own interests in mind.

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