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Explainer: Why the strange situation in the US Congress after the midterm elections



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Every two years there is a midterm election in America, which decides a lot, we know who is in how much water
Pictured after the election, Democrats have a majority in the Senate and a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.
Republicans and Democrats also choose their presidential candidates based on midterm elections.

The results of the US midterm elections are certainly not known in full. It may take a little longer, but the image is clear to a large extent. The image shows that the Democrats won a majority in the US Senate in two chambers, but very little. Additionally, Republicans are poised to secure a modest majority in the second chamber, the House of Representatives. But now Republicans will be able to block bills introduced by the Democratic Party and increase the pressure on the Biden administration.

However, before the midterm elections, there was speculation that the Republicans would come out on top in the House of Representatives with the Senate, so it would be very difficult for the Democratic Party. Let us tell you here that US President Joe Biden belongs to the Democratic Party. The midterm elections in the United States take place on 08 November. Elections were held for the 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and the 35 seats in the Senate.

In a way, this midterm election is also seen as the attitude of the people before the next presidential election. Republicans and Democrats know by this how much water they are in. It is obvious that the fate of two veteran leaders was also at stake in this midterm election. Had the Republicans lost the majority in the Senate, it would have been a blow to Biden, although he also had a setback in losing the majority in the House of Representatives.

Another leader whose fate and future hung in the balance was the Democrats and former President Donald Trump. The results obtained are not in the least encouraging for them, nor do they correspond to their lofty claims. Before the election, he had said that the Democrats would win a majority in the Senate and that the Republicans would arrive with a large majority in the House of Representatives. Both claims did not turn out to be a complete reality. After this situation, Trump’s hopes of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee again in the next election suffered a major setback.

The US Congress has two chambers – the Senate and the House of Commons. What are these two doing? How many members does it have? How important they are, we will mention later. But be aware that the way there are two chambers in the Indian Parliament – Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha – almost the same system is also followed by the US Congress.

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The results of the US midterm elections did not live up to former President Donald Trump’s assertion in favor of the Republican Party. It could also impact Trump’s bid for the presidency. (Picture: AP)

Senior journalist Pramod Joshi did a detailed analysis of the US midterm elections on his blog He thinks the Democrats were defeated, but they didn’t get the expected defeat. These midterm elections are usually also used to select presidential candidates from the two main parties for the next presidential election. Therefore, the odds of Biden being a candidate for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump on the Republican side now seem very slim.

What is the current situation in the Senate?
The US Congressional Senate has 100 members. Right now, after the midterm elections, there are Democrats in 48 seats and Republicans in 49 seats. The results of three seats are yet to come. In which the re-election on a seat will take place again on 06 December. However, in these midterm elections, 35 seats were voted for the Senate. It looks like the Democrats will win a majority in the Senate, the upper house of Congress. The two parties were in a 50-50 position before the election.

How is the Senate election going?
The mandate of the members of the Senate is fixed at six years. But every two years, a new election of one third of the members takes place. The United States Senate is made up of two representatives from each state who are elected by its people for a six-year term.
Previously, the election of the Senate was done indirectly, but it included many irregularities. After that, by amending the constitution, a direct method was adopted for the election of senators. Sometimes the public also chooses the members of the Senate.

Midterm elections are held in America every two years. During which elections are held for certain seats in the Senate and the House of Commons. This time, the elections are held for the majority of the Democrats in the Senate and the majority of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. (WikiCommons)

What is the current situation in the House of Representatives
According to the results obtained so far, the Democratic Party has won 197 seats in the House of Representatives, while the Republicans have won 211 seats. The results will be more like 27 seats, but the trend is Republicans, which looks like Republicans will get a majority in the House of Representatives.

What is the House of Representatives
It is the lower house of the United States Congress. The House is made up of representatives who come from the districts for Congress. A public representative is elected in each constituency. Its total number is set by law at 435, although it also has 03 special seats. Under the special provision, 3 members from Washington DC are maintained. The mandate of the members of this chamber is 2 years. After that, the new chamber members are elected immediately.

The number of members of the House of Representatives is fixed according to the population of the federated state. In this, a representative is elected after 3 lakh people but there is also a condition that at least one representative from each state should be elected.

How the Two Houses of the US Congress Work
As you learned above, the US Congress is divided into two parts, of which the House of Representatives is called the lower house and the Senate is the upper house. These two houses act as a balance of power in a way, that is, if one side of the house sticks to something, then the other structure balances out.

By the way, if considered as a power, then the power of the Senate to make decisions is very high. Currently, there are 50 states in America. From each state, no matter how much or less its population, two representatives come to the house electing them. In other words, there are a total of 100 members in the Senate. They are the representatives of the States.
The Senate should never be dissolved. A different method has been adopted in America to decide this. Although the tenure of senators is 6 years, but about a third of them retire after a few years and are replaced by new senators.

who is the president of the senate
The vice president of the country is the president of the Senate. He presides over the chamber but does not take part in any debate. The vice president is only allowed to vote if the votes in the Senate are equal in all cases. In such a situation, the direction in which he goes, this decision is considered final.

How powerful is the Senate
This part of the house is so powerful that the President’s decisions have to go through it. If the President makes a decision that is not approved by the Senate, the decision stops. Approval of any treaty requires the approval of two-thirds of the members of the Senate. Even the Senate can remove the president or vice president from office. This is called impeachment, which is carried out when the president is accused of treason, heavy corruption or rape.

From which house is the first bill passed?
Every bill is first passed by the House of Representatives. A decision is made in this chamber, which is called a bill. From there he goes to the Senate and from there reaches the President after obtaining consent. These are some basic strengths. Apart from that, the House of Representatives has many special powers. For example, if members here wish, they can make their own decisions on all revenue-related bills.

what will happen to the trump now
DeSantis is Trump’s biggest opponent in the Republican Party. He didn’t accept Trump’s help in this election at all. Trump held more than 300 rallies and meetings during the election.

DeSantis again won the election in Florida. This time by a fairly good margin. This victory is very important for him. He is on course to become the first Republican governor to capture a Democratic stronghold by a substantial margin. Before him, Jeb Bush was able to do it in 2002. It is said that he also wants to run for president, so his biggest rival among the Republicans is Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t like them. However, none of them expressed their intention regarding the 2024 elections.

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