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Explanation: Russia’s NATO border doubled after Finland joined NATO.



strong points

Finland has become the 31st member of NATO.
This is seen as a blow to Russia.
For this reason, there will not be much effect on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Eventually, Finland officially became a member of the NATO group. Today, Finland has become the 31st member of this military security alliance. And with that, the length of NATO’s border with Russia has also doubled. Western countries tout it as a major achievement for NATO, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his dissatisfaction with it. On the other hand, experts see it as a blow to Russia. The question arises whether this is really a threat to Russia as Putin claims. Many of these questions arise.

there are more questions
By the way, Finland said that this alliance was not made to create a threat against Russia. But it also raises many other questions about the Ukrainian crisis. Will Western countries be able to hold Putin back in any way through this or will it further fuel the fire of war and bring the world closer to world war.

Putin’s objection
Putin had repeatedly expressed a strong objection to NATO expansion even before the war in Ukraine and called it a threat to Russia’s existence. It cannot be denied that the root cause of the Ukrainian crisis is NATO enlargement. In this case, the Western country is trying to prove that Russia is trying to impose itself on European countries.

western argument
America and European countries have their own arguments. According to the BBC, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said of Finland’s NATO membership: “By attacking a neighboring country, the Russian leader has created the very situation we are trying to avoid.” . The United States says so and other NATO countries are fighting to protect Ukraine’s democracy and sovereignty.

I can’t leave Ukraine alone
Western countries say that if Ukraine is left alone, Russia and many powerful countries will have a chance to occupy their smaller neighboring countries like China wants to do with Taiwan. At the same time, Western countries are also taking precautions so that this war does not turn into a world war.

challenge for nato
On the other hand, Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Russia will closely monitor what is happening in Finland and that NATO expansion is a violation of their security and national interests. Finland has a military capacity of 30,000, but it will now be a challenge for NATO to protect Finland’s border against Russia. Besides Finland, Sweden has also applied for NATO membership, but this process is blocked.

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