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Father President of America, Son Charsi! Leaked 9000 obscene photos of Hunter Biden



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Nearly 9,000 indecent photos of Joe Biden’s son Hunter released.
Marco Polo, a right-wing group, published them.
In these, Hunter Biden can be seen taking drugs, having fun with naked prostitutes.

Washington. Marco Polo, a right-wing group, released around 9,000 laptop photos of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden. In this, photos of Hunter Biden taking drugs, having fun with naked prostitutes and with family are also present. Right-wing nonprofit Marco Polo posted 8,864 photos on ( These photos were taken from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. In which there are obscene images as well as family photos of Hunter with his father and the rest of the Biden family.

According to a report by the British media ‘Daily Mail’, all these photos date from 2008 and 2019. These were taken in Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Kosovo, China, London, Paris, Rome and elsewhere in the world. Of those, 7,032 photos were taken from Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro iPhoto app. Also included are 1,832 photos from Hunter Biden’s iPhone XS backup, 428 “Live Photos” (short videos taken on the iPhone), 674 photos sent via text message, 579 screenshots, 40 photos sent via WhatsApp and 111 others. However, Marco Polo has already removed nudity from the shocking photos as well as bank statements, credit card and social security numbers and other sensitive information.

Such images found on Biden’s son’s laptop, case can continue

These Hunter Biden photos may prove to be a blow to Joe Biden right now. Marco Polo is founded by Garrett Ziegler (28), who was a White House employee during former US President Donald Trump’s tenure. Marco Polo claims to be a “non-profit research group exposing corruption and blackmail”. After posting these photos, Ziegler said, “If the American people want to know how their first family is doing, they’ll get it.” We’re not going to take photos that paint the Biden family in a good light. Ziegler said it took about two months to “modify the genitals” of all the photos.

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