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Father’s gun was kept in car, 2-year-old accidentally opened fire on himself



Viral news: We are all familiar with American gun culture. There are reports of indiscriminate shooting from there every day. And his victims are mostly school children. There is a constant debate about who should receive firearms licenses and who should not. But in the meantime, children are constantly falling prey to it. Shocking news has come out of North Carolina, America. A 2-year-old boy accidentally shot himself. The child died in this accident. This weapon was kept by his father in a van. The surprising thing is that the ball was already loaded there.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, this incident is from October 15. The car door was open outside the house. A loaded Smith & Wesson 40 caliber handgun was in the vehicle. It was in the front seat. The child was happy to see the gun and started to play with it. The child’s parents were at home. During this, he accidentally shot himself in the head. The child was immediately taken to Johnson Medical Center Clayton. But he was pronounced dead as soon as he got there.

the father will have to face a case
The child’s father, Tyler Oser, has been accused of failing to keep his gun properly and securely to protect minors. District Attorney Susan Doyle said in a statement, “My heart goes out to the parents who have lost their sons. It is the responsibility of gun owners to protect minors by keeping guns out of the reach of children. children in the future.

money for the funeral
Family members and friends created a GoFundMe account to help raise money for his son’s funeral. So far, $22,000 has been deposited. In a touching tribute, family members paid tribute to toddler Warren who always wanted to help his father.

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