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Finally that day has arrived! Robot has become the father of 2 girls! I got pregnant with your sperm, know an interesting case



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Robot-injected sperm gave birth to healthy embryos and two baby girls
An engineer used a Sony PlayStation 5 to insert a sperm cell into an egg
Baby girls are the first to be born after fertilization by a “robot”.

Washington, A team of Spanish engineers successfully designed and built a sperm injection robot, which helped fertilize more than a dozen female eggs. The sperm delivered by the robot gave birth to a healthy embryo and two baby girls. This feat was achieved by the New Hope Fertility Center located in New York. According to a report in Money Control, the robot used is a prototype that could be used in the future to automate the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), potentially making it more accessible and affordable for patients who need it.

It was said in the report that an engineer used a Sony PlayStation 5 to insert a sperm cell inside the eggs. The robotic needle was operated using this PlayStation. The researchers claim that the two girls born are the first children born after fertilization by “robots”. The IVF process is currently performed manually by trained embryologists who manipulate the eggs and sperm under a microscope using ultra-fine hollow needles. These labs are expensive, and the process is long, tricky, and can cost up to $20,000 per attempt in the United States.

However, startups like Overture Life are working to automate the process, and Overture has raised $37 million from investors to support their work. The ultimate goal of automating IVF is to make it more accessible and help more people have children. Worldwide, approximately 500,000 babies are born through IVF each year, but many people do not have access to fertility drugs or cannot afford them.

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