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Fish Alert – Eating Fish Can Cause Cancer! Discovery of a chemical that does not end for thousands of years, according to a shocking American study



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The study by the United States Environment Agency reveals
Many more PFAS found in fish
PFAS can cause dangerous diseases like cancer

New delhi: Non-vegetarians are very fond of fish. Many types of nutrients are found in fish. From parties to picnics with friends, people’s favorite non-vegetarian food is fish. But bad news has arrived regarding fish eaters. In a recent research, it has been found that now fish also become poisonous. According to the CNN news agency, in a study by the United States Environment Agency, it was found that the water in American lakes and rivers has become so polluted that even fish are becoming poisonous.

The study revealed that PFAS is found in a dangerous form in fish. This is called the per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substance. Which has been widely used since the 1950s to make products non-stick and resistant to stains, water and grease damage. These are man-made chemicals. They are used in non-stick cookware, stain resistant clothing, cosmetics, etc. Its dangers have been mentioned in numerous studies.

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The danger is that PFAS has also been found in water sources away from factories or unpolluted areas. It is also called forever chemical, because it never ends. The study found that PFAS has leaked into the country’s drinking water through public water systems and private wells. Experts say the chemicals are now building up in the bodies of fish, shellfish, livestock, dairy animals that people eat. David Andrews, senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental health organization that analyzed the data, said levels of PFOS found in freshwater fish often exceed 8,000 parts per trillion. While the EPA has only allowed 70 parts per trillion K in the nation’s drinking water.

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that’s why it’s dangerous
Exposure to PFAS increases the risk of many diseases. This has a direct effect on hormonal potential. Its side effects include impaired development in children, increased cholesterol levels, and increased risk of certain types of cancer. The main chemical found in fish, PFOS and perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, are known as “long chain” PFAS, which are constructed from an 8-carbon chain. In a study conducted for more than 3 years in American rivers-lakes, it was found that this chemical is not in small quantities, but in very large quantities in animals. About 2400 times more are found in animals. It has been said that if you eat even one serving of seafood, it is equivalent to drinking contaminated water full of bacteria for a month.

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