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Fists clenched, throat cut! The atmosphere was like this after the return of Russian soldiers, saw each other’s faces after months



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When Russia invaded in February, many families were torn apart.
Now many people are seeing each other for the first time in many months.
Russian troops retreated to Kherson.

Kherson. Relatives hugged in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, his fists were clenched and his throat was choked. Everyone was trying to hold back their tears. Everyone dreamed of this moment. It was a chance to reunite with loved ones after the withdrawal of Russian troops from their villages in southern Ukraine. Some people started shouting outside their homes during this time.

According to the AP news agency, when Russia invaded in February, many families were broken up. Because some fled leaving the village and others were hiding somewhere. Now many people are seeing each other for the first time in many months. This happened when Russian troops retreated. Moscow retreated to Kherson, Mykolaiv and the Black Sea amid a Ukrainian counteroffensive. The most significant feedback comes from the city of Kherson itself.

After the recent withdrawal of Russian troops, some Ukrainian soldiers have also returned from nearby villages. The Associated Press visited four such villages this week and saw people reunited with relatives. Andrey Mazuric said it was just an explosion. Andrey, 53, left his mother in April in their village of Tsentralne and fled about 30 kilometers (18 miles). His mother didn’t want to leave him, but Mazuryk had a son in the Ukrainian army and feared the Russians would kill him. He said that even though the occupation troops confiscated people’s phones, Mazuric managed to talk to his mother and other relatives almost daily because he used to call secretly.

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According to local officials, more than half a million people have fled Mykolaiv and Kherson regions since February. Although the exact number is difficult to calculate. It is not yet known how many of them have returned. While others like Mazuric only had to travel a short distance home.

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