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Florida Mass Shooting – Rapid fire in Florida, America, 10 injured, 2 critical



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At least ten people were injured in Monday’s shooting in Florida.
Two people injured in drive-by shooting in Lakeland are in critical condition
Police said the shooters fired through the car windows

Washington: After American California, the incident of the shooting in Florida is now in the foreground. At least ten people were injured in a shooting in Florida on Monday afternoon. According to CNN, the Lakeland Police Department said the condition of two people injured in the shooting is serious. Department chief Sam Taylor said a dark blue four-door Nissan pulled up to the scene of the shooting.

According to the ANI news agency report, Taylor said all four windows of the car were open. There were gunshots from all four windows. They were hurting people by shooting from both sides. After that, the accused’s car fled at high speed. The police have now become active in this case and have started to search for this vehicle.

Shooting in a bar in Florida: Shooting outside a bar in Florida, United States, 1 dead, 6 injured

Police said all of the victims were men between the ages of 20 and 35. A certain quantity of marijuana, ie Ganja, was found at the scene. It is possible that around this time the sale of marijuana took place. In 34 years of career, we have never worked on such a case where so many people were shot at the same time. We’ll be out all night trying to track down all the defendants.

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