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‘For the first time I saw this…’ why did Prime Minister Modi say this after reaching the White House



New Delhi. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked stunned by President Joe Biden’s state honor at the White House on Thursday. For that, he thanked Biden on behalf of 140 million people in India. During this time, such a thing also happened, which had never happened before in the history of America. Prime Minister Modi also mentioned this during his statement. Narendra Modi said this is the first time the doors of the White House have been opened to people of Indian origin like this. The prime minister thanked Biden for that.

Prime Minister Modi added: “I also came to America earlier. This is the first time the doors of the White House have been opened to the Indian-American community in such large numbers. You are all the real strength of India. Both countries are founded on democratic values. In the post-Covid era, the friendship between India and America will prove to be very important for the world. I am grateful to Biden for this honor.

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Narendra Modi said, “I wish India’s tricolor and America’s flag will reach new heights.” Thank you on behalf of 140 million Indians. It is also a matter of honor for more than 40 lakh of Indian origin living in America.

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