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Four women sing together, find out in the video who sang in real life, the spirit will be curdled



Girl Video: If you are a regular social media user, you must have seen videos of people singing different hit songs. There are also many singing-related trends that have gone viral. There is such a video in which many people are seen playing. However, in this singing video, we have to talk about the person actually singing and the others just lip-syncing. Just like this video of four women that has become increasingly viral on Twitter.

The video was shared with a simple caption, which reads: “Who sings”. The music video shows four women, one of whom is holding a cat. They then begin to “sing” in a melodious voice. The video ends after an incredible performance. The video was shared two days ago. The clip has been viewed over 2.5 million times since it was posted, and the numbers count. Additionally, the tweet received many likes and comments.

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