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France burning in the fire of violence has taken a big step, now the cell phone will be spied on



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Geolocation of alleged defendants in crimes punishable by 5 years imprisonment will be detected
Devices can be activated remotely to record voices and images of suspects
A request was made to limit the surveillance period to more than 6 months, leftists protested against spying.

Paris. The whole country has been burning since the death of 17-year-old Nahel in the Paris police incident on June 30. Incidents of unrest, violence, sabotage and arson had been occurring in France for about a week. But now things seem to be slowly improving. These incidents seem to be decreasing. Seeing the country burning, the natives of France took to the streets and clashed with refugees and migrants.

In the midst of such incidents, the French government made a big decision. According to the AFP news agency, French police will now be able to spy on suspects involved in crimes with other equipment, including telephones. Amid debate in parliament on Wednesday night, lawmakers gave their thumbs up to the issue.

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However, there was opposition from leftists and other rights advocates in France to the provision on espionage as part of the justice reform bill. Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti said the law would affect dozens of cases a year. French police have been authorized to spy on suspects by activating their cameras, microphones and GPS on their phones and other devices.

During the debate on this justice reform bill, MPs from French President Emmanuel Macron’s camp also presented amendments, in which any use of the spy provision would have to be approved by the judiciary and the supervision period should not exceed 6 months. mis. But sensitive professions such as doctors, journalists, lawyers, judges and deputies were not targeted by this law. Meroti said people’s lives will be saved by this law.

According to reports, the police will be able to trace the geolocation of suspects in crimes punishable by 5 years in prison, covering phones, microphones and GPS, etc. The devices can also be activated remotely to record the voices and images of people suspected of terrorist crimes as well as crimes and organized crime.

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