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France: Emmanuel Macron reaffirms his faith in Elizabeth Born



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Republic President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his confidence in Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne on Saturday and directed him to hold fresh consultations with parliamentary groups to form a government of action “in early July”.

Emmanuel Macron “reaffirmed” his confidence in Elizabeth Bourne on Saturday 25 June and directed the prime minister to hold fresh consultations with parliamentary groups to form a “government of action” for “early July”, he told AFP. announced in an interview with.

“Given both the denial and the availability” that had been expressed during earlier exchanges with political forces, “I have decided today to reaffirm my confidence in Elizabeth Bourne”, the head of state then explained that the government’s Mukhiya’s fate had been the subject of speculation since the President’s address on Wednesday.

The president of the republic, who spoke with the head of government on Saturday, announced that he had instructed him next week to give a voice to political groups in the National Assembly on a “government agreement”, their participation in his government, their position 5 On a confidence vote in Elizabeth Bourne in July, and also on the state budget next fall.

“When I return from the G7 and NATO (which is being held until Thursday, editor’s note), the Prime Minister will present proposals for a roadmap for the government of France in the coming months and years, and for its structure. Also for. A new government of action in the service of France which we will establish in the first days of July, ”he said.

This government may consist of representatives of political forces willing to cooperate with the majority.

“I trust in our collective ability to get there. I trust in the ability of the Prime Minister to get them out. I trust in the sense of responsibility of the government forces”, assured the head of state.

Resuming the floor between the two stages of his diplomatic marathon, which takes him to Germany for the G7 on Sunday and then to Madrid for the NATO summit on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron specifies that Prime Minister’s “The basis of these discussions” will be “the outline of the presidential project and the outline of the presidential majority that can be modified or enriched”.

And this, with the red line of “neither taxes nor debt” rising.

Despite his setbacks in the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron has not abandoned his pension reform which aims “as long as all of our neighbours, taking into account the working conditions and therefore the rules of hardship, for the long term.” With career in mind.

This, along with the reform towards full employment, “are the two major reforms that we must undertake in consultation, without totemism or taboos, but taking into account the course of ambition”.

The head of state, looking for reinforcements after losing an absolute majority in the assembly last Sunday, however ruled out a deal with the RN and LFI.

Potential allies, “It would be communists for the LRs. The French legitimized the RN and LFI deputies and these parties have a political formation. I do not confuse the extremes, but by their expression, their position – I have always I am clear on this subject – these organizations are not registered as parties of the government”.

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