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‘France is an important partner in ‘Make in India’, Prime Minister Modi said in Paris, 7 big things



Paris. It is the second and last day of PM Modi’s visit to France. There has been agreement on many issues between the two main leaders of India and France. Prime Minister Modi and French President Macron issued a joint statement to the media. In a joint statement, President Macron said he was proud to see the Punjab regiment here at the July 14 parade. We move forward on the basis of historical belief. Together we can find solutions to global crises. We cannot forget the youth. By 2030, France wants to send its 30,000 students to India. For young Indians who wish to pursue higher education in France, we wish to have a favorable visa policy.

Thanking President Macro, Prime Minister Modi said that today I have the honor to attend this festival as the main guest. I am glad that to enhance its beauty and dignity, contingents from India’s three armies participated. We have all also seen the overflight of the Indian Rafale aircraft. The ship of our new army was also present at the port of France, that is to say, we could see a wonderful picture of our growing cooperation on earth and in heaven together. Yesterday President Micro awarded me the Best National Prize in France. This honor is the honor of 140 million Indians. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our growing partnership. On the solid basis of the past 25 years, a roadmap will be prepared for the next 25 years, during which ambitious goals will be set.

7 Important Things About the Joint Statement…

  1. Prime Minister Modi said that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our strategic partnership. On the solid foundation of the past 25 years, we are preparing a roadmap for the next 25 years. Bold and ambitious goals are set there.
  2. The two countries identify new initiatives to increase cooperation in areas such as renewable energy, green hydrogen, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, cyber, digital technology.
  3. An agreement was reached on the launch of the Indian UPI, ie the unified payment interface in France. By 2030, France wants to send its 30,000 students to India. A favorable visa policy will be put in place for Indians pursuing higher education in France.
  4. Climate change and environmental protection have been our top joint priority. In this sense, we had already created the International Solar Alliance, which has now become a movement.
  5. Prime Minister Modi said, “Defence cooperation has been a strong pillar of our relationship. It is the symbol of deep mutual trust between the two countries. France is an important partner of Make in India and of “autonomous India”.
  6. We are going to open a new Indian consulate in the city of Marseilles, in the south of France. We welcome the decision to grant long-term visas to people of Indian origin studying in France.
  7. As a resident power of the Indo-Pacific, India and France have a special responsibility for peace and stability in the region. We are working on an ‘Indo Pacific Corporation Roadmap’ to give a constructive shape to our cooperation.

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