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From now on, America will no longer consider Khalistanis as protesters, action will be taken against the attackers



New Delhi: Khalistan groups will no longer be identified as protesters in the United States, and recent attacks on Indian missions, including the latest case of Khalistan supporters burning down the Indian consulate in San Francisco, are now criminalized. Not only that, America will also take action regarding the attack on the Indian Embassy in San Francisco.

The FBI reportedly intends to crack down on these groups in accordance with criminal laws and has names of groups and individuals who may be targeted. In the past, the activities of these pro-Khalistan groups were considered free speech in America.

An official said that the Indian government and intelligence agencies are in contact with the US government and their FBI counterparts and that in India too we are going to register a case regarding the attack and it will be investigated. investigation by a federal agency.

In fact, Tuesday’s attack on the Indian mission is the second such violent incident in a month that has been strongly condemned by the US government and classified as a crime. Khalistani supporters posted a video on Twitter on July 2 showing arson attacks at the Indian consulate in San Francisco. “Violence begets violence” is written at the bottom of the video, along with news articles related to the death of Canadian-based Khalistani Tiger Force leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

who is nijjar
Nijjar, a wanted terrorist in India with a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh on his head, was shot dead outside a gurdwara in Canada last month. In response to the incident, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller tweeted Monday, “The United States strongly condemns the alleged vandalism and attempted arson of the Indian Consulate in San Francisco on Saturday, targeting diplomatic facilities in the United States or foreign nationals”. violence against diplomats is a crime.”

Khalistan flags waved outside the Indian consulate
On March 19, a group of pro-Khalistani protesters attacked and damaged the Indian consulate in San Francisco. Waving pro-Khalistani slogans, protesters stormed inside the consulate, lifting security barricades erected by city police and even displaying so-called Khalistani flags, which were quickly removed by two consulate staff.

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