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Garry Sandhu Punjabi Singer: Theft from Punjabi Singer Garry Sandhu, Arrest Reward Told



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Garry Sandhu said – Thieves came to my house and took away my children’s and mother’s valuables.
Singer said, thieves put dirt in my house. walked into the house with shoes on

Chandīgarh. The case of the theft in the house of the famous Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu has been revealed. stolen punjabi singer Garry Sandhu It happened in the house of England. The thieves took many things from his house.

Singer Garry Sandhu himself also posted a video on social media regarding this incident. And also expressed deep dissatisfaction. Sandhu also abused the thieves and also announced a 5000 pound reward to the person who catches them.

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Expressing his anger at the thieves, Sandhu said, “If you want to steal, do it, but take the slippers out of the house, you have all the dirt.” At the same time, Sandhu also announced a reward for those who catch thieves. Gary said anyone who gives information about these thieves will receive £5,000 as a reward.

Three years ago there was also theft in Jalandhar showroom
Let us inform that three years ago, thieves stole designer clothes worth Rs 22 lakh and 22,000 cash from Garry Sandhu’s Fresh Collection showroom located on Jalandhar-Delhi trunk road. The thieves had entered the showroom at 2:01 p.m. and for about 40 minutes the thieves had committed the theft. It was said that the thieves took away the goods by stuffing them into 12 bags.

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