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Germany closed its last 3 nuclear power plants, know why it abandoned nuclear



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Germany also closed its last three nuclear power plants on Saturday.
This marked the end of the nuclear power era in Germany which had lasted for six decades.
After the Fukushima accident in 2011, Germany decided to close these plants.

Berlin. Germany also closed its last three nuclear power plants on Saturday. With this step, Germany ended the era of nuclear energy that had lasted for more than six decades. This information was given in the report of the news site Al Jazeera.

Germany is ending its nuclear era at a time when many countries are increasing their investments in nuclear energy to reduce their carbon emissions.

In fact, there has been a long-standing dispute over nuclear energy in Germany. After the Fukushima accident in Japan in 2011, fear of spreading radiation through the air scared the world. After this incident, Berlin promised to permanently abandon nuclear energy.

The decision had to be postponed due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Meanwhile, however, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted energy markets. For this reason, Germany has also been delayed in closing its nuclear power plants.

Indeed, Germany had stopped the import of Russian fossil fuels after Moscow’s attack on Ukraine and at the same time postponed for a year the decision to close these nuclear power plants. Al Jazeera reported in its report that due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the global energy crisis was causing concern and prices were skyrocketing, but now Germany is optimistic about increased energy. oil supply and renewable energy sources.

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The decision to shut down these plants in a country with a strong anti-nuclear movement was also largely backed by still-living fear of Cold War battles and nuclear tragedies like Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Greenpeace, the driving force behind the anti-nuclear movement, held an event in honor of the occasion near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. According to Al Jazeera, the organization said: “Nuclear energy is finally a thing of the past! Let’s make this April 15 a day to remember.

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