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Girl didn’t become girlfriend, then boy reached court, filed 24 crore case



Prem Ka Rejection: Believe it or not, this actually happened. Rejection in love can be a profound shock for many. While many people quickly forget it. Some grumpy people stay sad, frustrated, or angry for long periods of time. Singapore is one of those stories of love rejection, in which a man is forced to take the impossible leap. K. Kawshigan has filed a lawsuit against his “lover” Nora Tan after she rejected his proposal.

The two first met in 2016 and became friends very quickly. While Kawishigan developed feelings of love, Nora always saw the relationship as a good friendship. In 2020, Kawishigan began to think their relationship was closer as he once called Nora his “closest” friend. But there was a big problem. Nora had no feelings for Kawishigan. She really wants him to think deeply about their friendship and cut down on the time they spend together.

It was Nora’s idea to create boundaries, which would lead to a better and healthier friendship. But friend zoning didn’t sit well with Kawashigan. He eventually threatened legal action by allegedly sending Nora a letter stating that she was entitled to “emotional distress and damages resulting from the negligent act of possible defamation”. According to a report by the Strait Times, Nora Tan was given an ultimatum to accept the relationship or “face the loss of her personal and professional efforts.”

The outlet said Nora finally agreed to go to Kawishigan for counseling to help them move past the idea of ​​being a couple. But did it help? Kawishigan tried for 18 months, but he couldn’t meet Nora. Nora stopped talking to Kawishigan as she could no longer respond to his requests to extend the conversation. How did Kawishigan react to this? He filed a lawsuit against him for Rs 24 crore 54 lakh.

Kavishigan filed two lawsuits in the High Court, claiming Nora’s rejection damaged her “stellar reputation” and caused her “trauma”, “depression”. He also alleged that it affected his ability to work as an “active high-capital trader at night and a busy CEO by day.”

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