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Gold mining incident in Peru: Terrible accident in Peru! Fierce fire in a gold mine, 27 people died, 175 rescued



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A fire broke out on Saturday at a gold mine in Peru.
27 workers died due to the fire.
175 workers were rescued in the incident.

Lima. A heartbreaking incident has occurred in southern Peru. At least 27 workers were killed in a fire at a gold mine here on Saturday. Yanaquihua mining company said 175 workers were rescued in the incident. It’s a small mine in the Arequipa region to the south. There is a risk of fire due to an electrical short circuit.

According to the BBC report, officials said workers were working about 100 meters (330 feet) below the surface when the fire broke out. In local media footage, flames and smoke can be seen coming out of the hill. Relatives of the victims were taken by bus to the Yanaquihua mine in the Arequipa region, where they were briefed by security agents. Some sat in front of posters at the entrance to the mine to await the bodies of their loved ones.

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The company said it was investigating immediately. The mining company said: “At this sad time, we are prioritizing helping bereaved and rescued workers.” In a statement, the regional government said the nearest police station was about 90 minutes from the remote site and several hours from the nearest town, complicating emergency response.

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The Peruvian newspaper La Repubblica reports that relatives of the missing workers arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, but were denied access to the site. Peru is one of the largest gold producers in the world, mining over 100 tonnes per year. This represents around 4% of the world’s annual supply. While Saturday’s fire is considered the worst disaster in years. Dozens of deaths a year are not uncommon in the country’s mining industry.

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