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Government of Bhutan Statement on Doklam Dispute, India’s Concern Grows, China Supports!



New Delhi. The dispute between India and China over Doklam has been going on for several years. Meanwhile, Bhutan’s prime minister heightened India’s concern with a statement. Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Tshering said China has the same right as Bhutan to find a solution to the Doklam issue. He said it is not up to Bhutan alone to solve the problem. India, China and Bhutan rather belong to the three. The Prime Minister of Bhutan said so in an interview with Belgian newspaper La Libre.

Bhutan rejects China’s request to create a village
Bhutan says if China and India are ready, they are also ready to discuss the Doklam trijunction. Along with this, Prime Minister Tshering made another disturbing statement about China, in which he dismissed the fact that China has built 10 villages on its border. Let us tell you that in 2020, some satellite images were revealed, in which it was claimed that China had built villages within two kilometers of the Bhutan border. However, at that time, no response was given by the government of Bhutan. But now Bhutan’s prime minister has dismissed that claim.

No country is big or small, all are equal: Prime Minister of Bhutan
Other than that, he said the three countries are equal, no country is big or small. Please say that Doklam comes in the territory of Bhutan but it is near the Siliguri Corridor connecting India to the North East. This is why India wants China to stay away from Doklam. Because the Siliguri Corridor may also be in danger. This is the reason why when China started building a road in Doklam in 2017, India sabotaged its plans by stopping the road.

It was from there that a dispute broke out between the two countries. Regarding the solution of the Doklam dispute, the Prime Minister of Bhutan said that we are ready to resolve the dispute. As soon as the other two parties are ready, we can discuss. Let’s say this is an indication that Thimphu is ready to negotiate the status of the tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan in Doklam, which is a contested hub.

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