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Greece: Temple of the god of the sea discovered during excavations! Know who Poseidon is, who is worshiped



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A temple dedicated to Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea, has been discovered in Greece.
The famous historian of Greece had mentioned this place in his book.

New Delhi. The archaeological department has discovered an ancient temple dedicated to the temple of Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea in Greece. According to CNET, the ancient temple is located in a coastal area, where an ancient settlement once stood. The location of the temple was mentioned by the Greek historian Strabo, who lived 2,000 years earlier. The University of Mainz in Germany supported the Department of Archeology in this discovery.

In a statement posted on its website, the university said researchers have unearthed the remains of a temple-like structure located within the Sanctuary of Poseidon and likely dedicated to the god himself. The structure is believed to have been lost after being hit several times by the tsunami. According to the CNET report, its traces first appeared in 2021, after which excavation work was started, in which the entire temple complex is visible.

The outlet quoted archaeologist Birgitta Eder of the Austrian Archaeological Institute as saying, “The site of this temple matches the details given by the Greek historian Strabo in his writings.” Metro said that besides Germany, Austrian and Greek archaeologists also collaborated on the discovery.

“The results of our investigations to date show that waves from the open Ionian Sea actually flowed directly against the hills until the 5th millennium BCE,” said Andreas Wott, professor of geomorphology at the University of Mainz. . Researchers are now trying to determine if this temple is in fact the lost temple of Poseidon. It is about 31 feet wide and also has a marble perihunterion and ritual water basin.

The Temple of Poseidon may have been located at the site of Kleidy near Samikon, Greece. The location corresponds to the area mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greek historian Strabo. He mentioned the temple 2,000 years ago. Now archaeologists believe they have finally discovered this hidden place.

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