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Heightened tension between America and China! Kamala Harris visits the disputed region of the Philippines – US Vice President Kamala Harris visits the island of the Philippines near the South China Sea



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Kamala Harris visited an island province in the western Philippines bordering the South China Sea.
Kamala Harris has announced $750 million in aid to the Philippines.
China has already warned America in the South China Sea dispute.

New Delhi. Tension between America and China seems to be rising again. The main reason for this is the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to an island province in the western Philippines. On Tuesday, Kamala Harris traveled to an island province in the western Philippines, on the shores of the disputed South China Sea. During it, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced $7.5 million in aid to the Philippines. With the help of this amount, the Philippine security forces will be able to better patrol this disputed area.

Let us tell you that America protested China’s aggressive action in the South China Sea. Recently, China warned America not to interfere in this dispute. Explain that China has disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei over some disputed islands in the South Sea. Previously, China had warned America not to visit Taiwan.

Philippine Navy accused
Ahead of Harris’ visit, a new confrontation erupted in the disputed maritime area after the Philippine Navy alleged that a Chinese Coast Guard vessel forcibly took possession of Chinese rocket debris. Philippine marines transported the wreckage to their island. However, China denied forcibly taking possession of the wreckage. He said the debris came from a recently launched Chinese rocket and the Philippine military handed it over to China after “friendly consultations”.

Kamala Harris promised Filipina
During talks with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Manila on Monday, Harris reiterated Washington’s commitment to defending the Philippines under a 1951 mutual defense treaty. He told Marcos Jr.: “Commitments America’s mutual defense policies will apply in response to an attack on Philippine armed forces, government vessels or aircraft in the South China Sea, and that is our unwavering promise to the Philippines.” Marcos Jr. thanked Harris for that. (from input language)

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