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Here, the dead also receive a dearness allowance from the government, you will be surprised to know the reason for this!



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The Austrian government grants a dearness allowance of 500 euros to its citizens.
What’s interesting is that even the dead can take advantage of this scheme.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created an energy crisis in Europe.

Vienna: Europe is facing an energy crisis after Russia invaded Ukraine. In such a situation, a very strange incident occurs in Austria: even the dead receive help from the state to cope with rising prices. Austria pays 500 euros ($500) as a high cost allowance for every adult who has lived in the country for six months to fight inflation.

Environment ministry spokeswoman Martina Stemmer told AFP that this means people who have died but are still in taxpayer databases receive payments, and “it is not legally possible to recover the payments in their favour”.

Relatives of some of the deceased have expressed surprise at the amount of aid received by the state government with the help of the press. This disclosure acted as “ghee in the fire” in the payment dispute.

The “climbonus” or “climate bonus” was originally issued to distribute carbon tax money on pollutants to consumers. But inflation has been exacerbated by rising energy costs in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To cope with inflation in the country, the government had increased the amount of aid.

The liberal opposition Neos party on Wednesday called for reforms to the system, saying it was a ‘waste of taxpayers’ money, which not only fills the pockets of high earners, but goes into the letters deaths”.

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