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Here they make a big hole in the cow’s stomach, then people put their hands inside, the faint of heart won’t be able to see!



Many of these strange things happen in the world, knowing what can surprise you. On the one hand, where the cow has received the status of mother in our country, on the other hand, many people eat beef. Where we revere the cow, in many places people play with her body in the name of her aging. Today we are going to tell you about such an incident, knowing that you will be shocked. Most people must have seen videos and photos of making a big hole in the stomachs of cows on social sites. There is also a plastic cover attached to it. But why is this done, do you know the reason for this?
If you don’t know, let us tell you that videos of many such cows had gone viral on many social sites including YouTube. You will also be able to see them in the days to come. But faint-hearted people won’t be able to muster up the courage to watch this video completely. His videos and images are from America and New Zealand, where a big hole (Big Hole Inside Cow Stomach) is made in his body to increase the age of the cow. Thanks to this, it is claimed to properly control the diseases that develop inside the body of the cow. Experts linked to the dairy industry say that thanks to this, there has been a significant reduction in the cases of premature deaths of cows due to the disease. However, his official figure does not exist.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a campaign against cruelty to animals, but it has explained this in detail on its website. According to him, this large hole made in the body of the cow is called a fistula. And the part of the body in which this big hole is made is called Rumen. For this reason, veterinarians very comfortably clean the cow’s stomach and check for developing diseases. Not only that, it keeps the cow healthy and gives more milk.

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Cow remains uncomfortable after surgery

Like normal humans, when a large hole is made in a cow’s body, the cow remains uncomfortable for about a month and a half after this operation. However, vets are still keeping an eye on the cow to make sure she is not causing any harm. After the surgery, a plastic ring is inserted into the cow’s body. This ring is then covered with a lid. In such a situation, whenever a cow is sick, doctors put medicine directly into its stomach. Thanks to this, the dirt inside the stomach of the cow is also cleaned, which she eats.

Many organizations in protest
On the one hand, where PETA has explained this process in detail on its website, on the other hand, many other organizations oppose this process with the cow. People associated with these organizations say it is absolutely wrong to use these animals for their own benefit. Federal animal protection law is the only way to stop such cruel experiments. But this Welfare Act cannot apply to animals coming for breeding in America and the cow is considered an animal used in breeding. However, in the eyes of critics, it is cruelty to cows and there have been constant calls to end it. However, this practice has existed in Switzerland since 1833.

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