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Hey what is it! When the beer bottles started coming out of this river they started piling up on sight, see the sight in pictures



Montana River: Have you ever thought that you walked along the river and found beer bottles floating in the river. If you drink beer, it will be fun for you, right…! A similar incident occurred in the US state of Montana. Here, when a group of fishermen went to the Montana River to fish, they found beer bottles floating around. Fishermen gave up fishing and started collecting beer bottles. (All AP photos)


According to the AP news agency, a freight train was passing through a 100-year-old tunnel built near the river. In the meantime, this freight train derailed and crashed. In this incident, 25 freight train cars derailed. After that, the goods filled in the freight train were scattered here and there.


There were also cartons of beer on the freight train. After the accident, the crates filled with beer fell into the river. When the fishermen arrived near the river after hearing the news of the accident, they were shocked to see the scene here. Beer bottles floated in the river. Coors Light and Blue Moon Company beer was on the freight train.


Sanders County Disaster and Emergency Services Director Bill Naegeli told the scene, “It’s become a terrible place to get in and out of here. The biggest problem is the cars derailing inside the tunnel. Where there is very little space to leave.


Montana Rail Link said no one was injured in the crash. The train derailed on Sunday morning. After that, canisters came to the edge of the river and began to sink in the water of the river. The railway link indicated that the railway tracks crossed the river and the mountain.


Bill Negeli said 7 coaches are believed to have derailed in the narrow tunnel. From where it will be very difficult to remove them. In addition, cleaning the track can take a long time. Currently, beer bottles floating in the river are picked up.


The rescue team leader said the way the freight train derailed is under investigation. Meanwhile, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, at least 1,164 trains derailed across America last year. Freight trains are involved in most rail accidents.