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Highway delivery, father attaches baby’s umbilical cord to iPhone charger; hard to reach hospital



Viral news: Birth of a child in flight.. Birth of a child in the car and in the train… These are the news we hear every day. But if we tell you that a woman in America gave birth to a child on the highway. Also, the iPhone charger was used to tie the child’s umbilical cord. So you might not believe it. But it’s true. We will tell you more about the whole incident. But let us tell you that both mother and child are healthy.

According to Newsweek, this incident comes from Indiana. According to the report, Stephen Waddell was taking his wife Emily to the hospital. But along the way, he realized that it would be difficult for him to reach the hospital. In such a situation, Stephen stopped the car on the highway. Where their daughter Reagan was born on September 12.

The child was leaving…
Emily shared the whole incident on Facebook. Emily, the mother of three, said: ‘Along the way I realized the child was coming out. I cried. Quick delivery. past.’ But what happened next was terrible. He added: “Stephen attached the child’s umbilical cord to the iPhone charger.” Explain that one end of this cord is connected to the uterus and the other to the baby’s navel.

sister was having fun
She also said she immediately started breastfeeding the baby. Emily said throughout the delivery she continued to talk on the phone with her sister and the delivery nurse while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. He said: ‘My sister couldn’t believe it. Are you kidding?’

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