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Horrible accident in Mexico and South Africa, 24 dead due to a gas leak



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27 people have died after a bus fell into a gorge in Mexico.
24 people died due to a gas leak in Johannesburg, South Africa.

New Delhi. 24 people have died due to a gas leak at a temporary settlement built near the Boksburg residential area in Johannesburg, South Africa. After getting the information about the incident, the police and the rescue team arrived at the scene. After intervention, the gas leak was plugged. At the same time, a bus crashed Wednesday evening in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. In the accident, 27 people including a newborn baby were killed and 17 people were injured. It is said that the bus was going from Mexico City to Yosandua in Oaxaca. When the bus skidded on the road near the village of Magdalena Peñasco and fell into a ditch.

people choking on nitrate oxide gas
According to the Times Live report, there was information about the leak of nitrate oxide gas from the cylinder used by the deposits. EMS spokesman William Nataldi said officers arrived at the scene and searched for the victims for a long time. The search and recovery team searched nearby huts for cylinders to determine if another incident had occurred.

gold cleaning gas leak
Officials said no patients had been treated by paramedics. Because everyone affected by the gas was dead. Medic said people in the Jama-Jamas community use this gas to clean and refine gold. This time, the gas somehow escaped from the gas cylinder, and the sleeping people died of suffocation. On the other hand, regarding the bus accident in Mexico, emergency personnel said that the bus left the road and entered a ditch more than ten meters deep.

Local doctors helped due to shortage of health workers
The accident happened in the town of Magdalena Peñasco and was also confirmed on Twitter by the Governor of Oaxaca. Civil Protection personnel from Tlaxiao arrived at the scene to transfer the injured to the town of Magdalena Peñasco, where residents, city hall employees as well as private ambulances took the injured to the IMSS clinic at the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social. However, due to the shortage of medical personnel, help was requested from all the doctors in the city to treat the injured.

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