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Hundreds of claps played in one minute, became a Guinness World Record; watch the video



Guinness World Record: How many times can you clap in a minute…at most 10…20…or 50 times. But if we told you that a person clapped more than a thousand times at a time, would you believe it? Maybe not… but there are more than one people in this world. A 20-year-old American boy set a Guinness World Record by beating 1,140 laps in one minute. That is, if we calculate, this person clapped 19 times in one second.

Earlier there was a record of applause the maximum number of 1103 times in one minute. But now that record has been recorded in the name of the 20-year-old mayor of Dalton. Speed ​​drummer Dalton Meyer said a YouTube video of Kate French, once the world’s fastest fighter, sparked his interest in fast-paced applause. He said: “It came so naturally to me, it felt like I didn’t even need to practice.

use of special technology
For his official Guinness World Record attempt, Meyer said he used a wrist clapping technique developed by Bishop. The wrist snap involves slapping the palm of the other hand using the wrist and fingers.

Special preparation for recording
Charm Media Group facilitated Meyer’s Guinness World Records application with photographic material to ensure it was recorded accurately in real time and slow motion. Speed ​​Clapper said he organized the effort in March, but did not hear back from the record-keeping organization until Halloween.

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