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Hurricane ‘Ian’ wreaks havoc in Cuba, power grid goes down, entire country plunged into darkness



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‘Ian’ hit Cuba’s west coast with torrential rains and high-speed winds
Hurricane ‘Ian’ damaged major electrical system infrastructure
The wind speed of the cyclone should be at least 205 kilometers per hour.

Havana. After wreaking havoc in Canada and the Philippines, hurricanes Ian and Noru are now wreaking havoc in Cuba and Vietnam. Cyclone ‘Ian’ (Hurricane)Hurricane Ian) with torrential rain and strong winds on Tuesday Cuba Struck on the west coast of. This storm is moving north at high speed and by Wednesday it is expected to reach the shores of the US state of Florida across the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this storm, Cuba’s power grid (Cuba’s power grid failure) stalled late Tuesday evening. The whole country was plunged into darkness all night.

Let us tell you that the Republic of Cuba is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. And Havana is the capital of Cuba which is also the largest city. The second largest city is Santiago de. Cuba is the most populous island in the Caribbean group, with a population of over 1.1 million. Now this whole country has been taken by storm ‘Ian’. The storm had a major impact on the power grid, after which the whole country is plunged into darkness after its outage. However, work is also underway to restore it soon. High winds and flooding wreaked havoc on the western end of the island.

According to state media, the technical director of the Electric Union of Cuba, Lazaro Guerra, said that the national electricity system had completely stopped due to Hurricane Ian. The storm damaged a huge infrastructure of the electrical system, to be restored, the work of which will be carried out on a war footing on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, after wreaking havoc in Canada and the Philippines, storms Ian and Noru are now wreaking havoc in Cuba and Vietnam. Due to fear of the devastation caused by the storm, thousands of people have been sent to safer locations in both countries. Thousands of soldiers have been asked to be ready for any emergency.

The United States National Hurricane Center (USNHC) said Ian made landfall on the Cuban coast at 4:30 a.m. local time. Ian is a Class III cyclone, with winds of at least 205 kilometers per hour. It is estimated that by the time this cyclone hits the Florida coast on Wednesday, it will have transformed into a Class 4 cyclone.

In light of the storm, the Cuban government evacuated more than 50,000 people from Pinar del Río province to safer locations. The government has prepared dozens of shelters in this island country. Waves 14 feet high were observed due to Ian on the west coast of Cuba.

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