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Husband lost his temper after wife filed for divorce, killed 7 people including 5 family children, also committed suicide



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Woman Files For Divorce Then Her Husband Shoots The Whole Family
Along with his mother, child and wife, he also pointed a gun at himself.
8 people including a man have died, it’s a shocking case of America

Washington. In the American town of Enoch, a man shot his entire family, then committed suicide. US authorities said on Thursday a man shot and killed seven members of his family, including five children, including his wife, mother and the couple’s three daughters, aged four to 17, after his wife demanded the divorce. also found dead.

According to AFP, the incident happened in the Utah area of ​​Enoch City. Eight bodies were found by police in the area, one of which was the body of a four-year-old girl. Officials say there are bullet marks on everyone’s bodies. Evidence suggests the suspect committed suicide after killing the people in the house.

Mayor of Enoch Geoffrey Chesnutt said: “This shooting apparently happened after a marital breakdown. He said: “According to court documents, it appears that (the divorce petition) was filed on December 21 and was filed by the wife.” Chief Jackson Ames said he knew the family when they took part in an investigation a few years ago.

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Enoch is a rural town of approximately 7,500 people located in southwestern Utah. It is about a three and a half hour drive from Salt Lake City. The state is known as the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members are known as Mormons. Here is a conservative Christian group, which historically encourages polygamy.

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