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I can’t take care of the child…the woman handed the newborn to the couple and left



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The couple handed over the newborns to the police
Beverly Hills Police turned over the entire case to the Los Angeles Police Department
Chris Ann Eddy incident on Sunset Blvd just after midnight on Tuesday, July 18

California. Very strange and surprising news has come out of the US state of California, where a woman expressed her inability to care for her newborn baby and handed him over to a couple sitting in a restaurant. After this incident at the Hollywood restaurant in California, the couple handed over the newborn to the police. The child is said to be around 1 month old. The couple turned the child over to the Beverly Hills police. The incident happened just after midnight on Tuesday, July 18 at Chris Ann Eddy of Sunset Blvd.

According to the report published in HT, according to the New York Post, while handing over the child to the Californian couple, the unidentified woman declared that she could no longer take care of her child. After that, the stranger hands the child over to the couple and leaves. After some time, the couple surrenders to the Beverly Hills police and the child is handed over to them.

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According to the New York Post, police said the newborn was in good health. But, he was still taken to the regional hospital for examination. The case was turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department by the Beverly Hills Police. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is now considering what to do next.

What is the Safe Abandoned Baby Law in California?
According to the California Department of Human Services, the “Safely Delivered Infant Act” (California Health and Safety Code, Section 1255.7) provides a safe alternative to delivering a newborn under specified circumstances. Under the Safe Return of Children Act, a parent or legal guardian can safely deliver a child within 72 hours of birth, confidentially and without fear of prosecution.

It states that the Safe Delivery of the Child Act requires that the child be taken to a public or private hospital, designated fire station, or other safe delivery site, as determined by the local county board of supervisors. There will be no questioning of the surrendering person under Section 271.5 of the California Penal Code, which protects them from prosecution for abandonment.

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