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“I felt like dying after I got a booster dose” – Elon Musk’s big statement on Corona vaccine side effects



New Delhi. The Twitter company and Tesla CEO (Twitter Ceo Elon Musk) are once again making headlines for their tweets. However, this time, not because of a business-related tweet, but because of the tweet made about the Coronavirus booster dose, there was a reason for discussion. On Twitter, Elon Musk shared his experience with the second booster dose of the Covid vaccine. He tweeted that after taking the booster dose I felt like I was dying.

Elon Musk participated in the ongoing debate on Twitter regarding the serious side effects of Corona virus vaccines. He tweeted: “The first mRNA booster was good, but the second one broke me.” Speaking about the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, Musk tweeted that he experienced some side effects from the vaccine after taking his second Covid booster shot.


He tweeted and said, “I had major side effects from my second booster. I felt like I had been dying for days. I hope there wouldn’t have been any major damage, but I don’t know. After this tweet, people asked Elon Musk about installing a second booster, to which Musk replied that he had to go to Berlin and in such a situation he had no other choice. .

Musk made several tweets sequentially. Referring to his cousin in another tweet, he said his cousin needed to be admitted to hospital. Musk had said earlier that he had been infected with Covid with a mild cold before the vaccine. After that, he took his first Covid booster, which had no side effects on him.

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