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“I would have ended the Russian-Ukrainian war in one day”, said Donald Trump – Putin had to listen to me



Washington: A great statement was made by former US President Donald Trump regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war. He claimed he could end this devastating war in one day. Trump made the statement during his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPEC) on Saturday. He has also decided to run in the US presidential election of 2024. He is doing his best to restore the dominance of his Republican Party.

According to the Guardian report, Donald Trump gave a full 100-minute speech. He also spoke about World War III due to not ending the Russian-Ukrainian war in time. But he claimed he would not allow that to happen. According to a Reuters report, Trump said he would have a good meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve the war and he would certainly listen to him.

This country has sworn to kill Donald Trump, preparing a dangerous cruise missile, do you know why he wants revenge?

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Donald Trump has claimed that Russian Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine in August 2021 due to the failed US withdrawal from Afghanistan. If quick action is not taken, we will witness World War III. He said, “I am the only candidate who can promise that I will stop World War III. Before I even get to the Oval Office, I will end the devastating war between Russia and Ukraine…I know what to say there. Trump said he would oust Biden from the White House and free America from these wicked and scoundrels forever. He criticized the policies of the Biden administration and said “this is the most dangerous time in the history of our country.”

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