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If the Taliban can’t be persuaded, the UN will leave Afghanistan



The United Nations. The UN said it would leave Afghanistan in May with a “heavy heart” if it failed to convince the Taliban administration to allow local women to work for the UN development programme, ready to decide. This was stated by the head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Administrator A. Steiner said UN officials are in talks with the Islamic government in the hope that it will include an exception in an order issued this month for enable local women to work for the organization.

Steiner said, “It’s fair to say that where we are now, the entire United Nations system needs to take a step back and reassess its ability to work there.” “But it’s not about negotiating fundamental principles and human rights,” he said. Steiner said the Taliban allowed Afghan women to work and a UN report released on Tuesday said the country desperately needed more working women because its economy was off track.

Afghanistan is lagging behind due to rapid population growth
A report said there were some very modest signs of economic recovery after the Taliban came to power. They said, “There has been some increase in exports. There is some exchange rate stability and low inflation. But GDP, the sum of all goods and services produced within Afghanistan’s borders, is expected to lag behind population growth. This means that per capita income will increase from $359 in 2022 to $345 in 2024. It should be noted that the Taliban has allowed women to work in health, education and some small businesses under certain circumstances.

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