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“If Ukraine wants to end the war…” Joe Biden ready to talk to Putin



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For the first time, Joe Biden has indicated talks with Putin.
Says Biden, if Putin wants to end the war in Ukraine, then he’s ready for talks.
Biden released a joint statement with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Washington. US President Joe Biden has made a big statement regarding Russia. He indicated that he was ready to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with this, he also laid down certain conditions. He said Thursday he was ready to talk to Putin for the first time since invading Ukraine if the Russian leader was serious about ending the war. Biden released a joint statement on Ukraine with French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House.

According to the AFP news agency, the French president is on tour in the United States these days. It should be noted that since Russia attacked Ukraine, Biden opposes talks with Putin. This is the first time he has spoken of talks with the Russian leader. During the press conference with Macron, Biden further stated that he has no immediate plans to contact Putin, but he leaves that possibility open.

Biden further stated in his statement that “I am ready to speak with Putin, if he is truly interested in deciding to find a way to end the war.” But he hasn’t done it yet. However, Biden said he would only do such a thing after consulting with his NATO allies. Along with this, he declared that he would not do anything that could harm the interests of Ukraine.

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At the same time, Biden and Macron have talked about providing long-term support for Ukraine. Biden said “there’s only one way to end this war and that’s for Putin to get out of Ukraine.” But he doesn’t seem to have such a desire. Whatever he does is very wrong. They constantly target hospitals and homes. It is worse that thousands of children are affected.

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