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‘If we’re in danger…’ Pakistan’s Biden hits out at India-US deal



New Delhi. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recently concluded state visit to America, big deals were signed between the two countries in the defense sector. India’s security is going to be very strong in the coming times after this deal. In such a situation, it will not fail to send shivers down the spine in Pakistan, a neighboring country. According to reports, Pakistan has approached the United States and filed an objection to the big defense deals with India. Pakistan’s tone is less that of conversation than that of menacing America. The neighboring country considers such a case a threat to the security of Pakistan, which is not good for the region.

According to the report of the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, the Pakistani government has contacted America through diplomatic channels. In the style of complaining against India to the Joe Biden administration, it was said that a defense agreement had been reached with India, ignoring Pakistan’s concerns. Strategic stability and the traditional balance in South Asia have been weakened by the granting of military-military equipment to India.

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Pakistan’s jackal flared up in response
Spitting venom against India, the Pakistani government told America that India would be delighted to have obtained high-tech and high-end military weapons. After which, he will endanger the national security interests of Pakistan. It has been said that if India’s deal with America affects Pakistan’s interests, then they will surely retaliate.

India will get these advanced weapons
During the US tour, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi struck a deal to buy Predator drones with cutting-edge technology. Along with this, America will provide latest technology jet engines for India’s native light fighter aircraft. America is not only supplying weapons to India, but is also ready to supply this technology under the agreement, through which India will be able to manufacture these weapons itself in the years to come.

Dependence on Russia will be less
Pakistan was also mentioned during the joint statement between India and America. In this, Pakistan was asked to close the terrorist bases operating in its country, to which Pakistan also expressed its objection. Previously, India bought 65% of its weapons from Russia. After the Indo-American agreement, dependence on Russia was reduced to 45%. Dependence on America has increased by 10%.

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