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‘If you want to meet Jesus…then be hungry’



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Many people died of starvation in Kenya at the request of a priest.
So far, 47 bodies have been removed from the grave.
The priest had said that if you want to meet Jesus, stay hungry.

Nairobi, Kenya: A surprising case has been revealed in Kenya, an African country. During excavations on the land belonging to a Christian priest, 47 bodies have been found so far. This also includes children. The pastor is accused of having incited his followers to starve. The pastor was arrested in the case. The incident happened near the coastal town of Malindi.

According to the AFP news agency, Charles Kamau, head of criminal investigations in Malindi, eastern Kenya, said: “Today we removed 26 more bodies, bringing the total number of bodies to 47. removed from this place”. He said that not only are the corpses searched, but the survivors of the priest are also searched. Police began their operation after the discovery of the first body last week.

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800 acres (325 hectares) of forest are known to have been sealed off at Shakahola near Malindi for the search operation. Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki said he would visit the site on Tuesday. The police have already arrested the pastor of the church, Mackenzie Natheng, in this case. Kenyan daily The Standard said pathologists would take DNA samples and carry out tests to determine if the victims died of starvation.

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What is the problem
In fact, Pastor Mackenzie Natheng is said to have asked his followers to starve themselves to “meet Jesus.” After two children living with their parents died of starvation, according to local media, Nthaeng turned himself in to police and was charged last month. He has since been released on bail of 100,000 Kenyan shillings ($700). Reports say police have arrested six other Natheng supporters. After that, on April 14, the police found the bodies of 11 people. After that, there was a stir all over Kenya.

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