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If you’re lucky you should be like this… bought the lottery on grandpa’s advice, had become a billionaire by the time he got to office, said future plan



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Juliet, an 18-year-old Canadian, won the lottery for billions.
Juliette had bought the ticket at her grandfather’s request.

It is said that if luck is favorable, there are few difficulties in life and a person can achieve success in a very short time. One such incident has been reported in Canada. People keep buying lotteries all their life but never win a single rupee. But an 18-year-old girl broke the record for winning the lottery on her first attempt. Millions of people buy lottery tickets to brighten up their luck. He hopes that one day he can become a millionaire thanks to this lottery. But imagine if a person buys the first lottery in his life and becomes a billionaire, then this is nothing short of magic.

An 18-year-old Canadian girl won a 3 billion rupee lottery (Canada Girl Won Lottery). According to The Guardian report, in Canadian history, he made a record of winning the biggest lottery at that age. Juliet Lamour Lottery Won, 18, from Canada, is the youngest jackpot winner. On Friday, Juliette Lamour obtained the colossal sum of 48 million Canadian dollars or 2.9 billion rupees. Juliette became the youngest Canadian citizen to win the biggest jackpot.

Juliette became a billionaire at 18
It was Juliette’s first lottery ticket. Now 18, Juliette has become a billionaire. Juliette reveals that buying the lottery ticket was just a coincidence. Her grandfather suggested she play the lottery on her 18th birthday. In a statement issued by the lottery company, it is said that in recent years many winners have been made in Canada at the age of 18. But no winner has ever won the amount that Juliette won.

plan a family trip
Juliette said she would spend her earned money on her education. Juliette dreams of one day becoming a doctor and serving her community. Juliette is currently planning to travel with her family with this money. Juliette recounted that when she reached to buy the ticket, she called her father and took help from him. After that, she came to the office. When the lottery came out, the lottery discussion started in his office.

The office workers were surprised
Listening to the people in the office, Juliet opened the lottery app on her phone and saw that she had become a billionaire and everyone was surprised when she told the people in the office that she was becoming a billionaire. Then his boss asked him to go home quickly. But Juliette’s mother asked her to come home after finishing her shift.

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