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Images before the explosion of the Titan submarine have surfaced, see the video



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YouTuber shares his personal experience with the Oceangate campaign during Mission III, 2023
There were 5 people on board the Titan submarine before it capsized.
A cartoon predicted the disappearance of the Titan submarine in 2006

Boston. The world is in shock over the tragic deaths of the 5 people aboard the missing submarine Titan, who went to see the wreck of the Titanic submerged in the North Atlantic. The Titan submarine landed at the wreckage site of the Titanic ship at a depth of 13,000 feet below the ocean floor due to its adventure. But no one thought that this explosive incident (catastrophic implosion) of the Titan submarine would happen near where the Titanic ship was sunk.

The death of the five passengers aboard the submarine in this terrible accident was confirmed during the US Coast Guard search operation. But now very exclusive and special images of the Titan submarine, which was the victim of this explosion and accident, have come to the fore. YouTuber Jake Kohler, who goes by “DALLMYD”, shared exclusive footage from inside the Titan submarine a few weeks before the incident on his channel.

The YouTuber mentions in the video description that this is his personal experience with the OceanGate Expedition during Mission III, 2023.

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The YouTuber mentions in the video that if his dive had been canceled, he too would have been inside the submarine. The YouTuber shared a photo with his girlfriend and told how their journey started. Stockton Rush is also part of this video. Speaking of Stockton Rush, he was one of the 5 victims of the Titan submarine crash. He can be seen giving instructions to Jake Kohler before the accident. At the end of the video, the YouTuber can also be seen boarding the submarine and sharing an amazing experience.

Meanwhile, Homer Simpson fans claim the cartoon predicted the demise of the submarine Titan in 2006. This happened in an episode produced by Mike Reiss, who himself traveled aboard the sub -Oceangate sailor missing. The classic episode of the show perfectly captured how Homer Simpson’s long-lost father, Mason Fairbanks, delivered a mission statement before his campaign kicked off.

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Let’s say that in this submersible named Titan, British billionaire Hamish Harding, Pakistani tycoon Prince Dawood and his son Suleman, also of British nationality, were campaigning for the Oceangate with a $250,000 ticket. Also on board the submarine were the company’s CEO, Stockton Rush, and Paul-Henri Nargiolet, a French submarine operator nicknamed “Mr. Titanic” for his frequent dives at the site.

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