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In America, one in 5 people suffer from ‘Long Covid’, top scientists have started this initiative to find out the root…



Washington. The country’s top and well-known scientists have come together to study Long Covid in America. The whole world is still in the grip of the corona virus. However, in the next few days, fewer infected people are found than before people received doses of the vaccine. In such a situation, disturbing news is received that the symptoms of Long Covid are seen in those who have been infected with this virus. According to a report, one in five people in America are found to have the effect of Long Covid.

According to a report by Reuters, the research carried out in this group has been named the “Long Covid Research Initiative”. The aim of this effort is to know the main reason behind Long Covid by doing systematic research. The researchers believe that when the views of scientists are shared, many such things need to be taken into account, and in such a situation, researchers will be able to conduct clinical trials more quickly. In fact, scientists have long wondered if the coronavirus is present in patient tissue? And he hopes that this effort will certainly provide an answer.

The initiative brought in $15 million from a scientific investment fund formed by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain platform. Scientists from Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California San Francisco, Yale University and the J. Craig Venter Institute are involved in this effort.

Long Covid symptoms for each of eight Corona patients – Report

Long COVID is a complex disease. This covid can last for several months after the infection and during this time the person who suffers from it is unable to work. A study recently published in The Lancet Journal found that chronically infected patients suffered from chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle aches, loss of taste and smell, and general fatigue.

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