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In Peru, a bus full of 60 passengers fell off a cliff, 24 died in pain, police tell the spot – ‘The Devil’s Ride’



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Bus carrying 60 passengers falls off cliff in Peru
Tragic death of 24 people in an accident, many injured
The police told the place – ‘The Devil’s Ride’

Peru: A major accident took place on Saturday in Peru, located on the South American continent. A bus carrying 60 passengers fell off a cliff in northern Peru, killing 24 people. Police said some of the passengers were from Haiti as the number of Haitian immigrants in Peru increases, although the status of those on the bus is unclear. The police gave this information to the local media. According to the AP, the crash happened at a rough spot known as “Devil’s Curve,” but the cause is under investigation.

The Peruvian transport control agency (SUTRAN) confirmed the accident in a press release, but did not give the number of dead and injured. Sutran said the accident happened on a bus belonging to the company Q’Orianka Tours Aguila Dorada in the district of El Alto, in the far north of Peru. During the crash, many passengers were able to jump off the bus and save themselves, but most were trapped inside. Unidentified injured passengers were taken to hospitals in El Alto and Mancora, a popular resort town about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north of Lima, where all are being treated.

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Road accidents are common in Peru, many drivers walk on the roads without knowing how to drive. Similarly in 2021, 29 people were killed when a bus fell off a highway in the Andes.

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