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In the last 2 days, 6 teachers in America forgot their decorum, arrested for having affairs with students, knowing details



Sexual misconduct of a teacher with students: It is believed that there is a respectful and sacred relationship between teacher and students. In our country, the teacher has been given a higher status than that of God. But shocking news is coming out in America that this relationship has been strained. At least 6 female teachers have been arrested in the United States in the past 2 days. He is accused of forcibly attempting to have sex with the students. According to reports, a 38-year-old teacher named ‘Ellen Shell’ from Danville has been charged with ‘third degree rape’. According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, Shell is accused of “having sex with two 16-year-old boys on three separate occasions”. Shell appeared in Garrard County District Court on Thursday.

The teachers on whom the accusations were made-

38 years old ‘Ellen Shell’ The woman, who worked as a teacher at Woodlawn Elementary School, was charged with third-degree rape of two underage students. Shell appeared in Garrard County District Court on Thursday.

second teacher mottled green Heather Hare, who worked as a teacher in Arkansas, is charged with first class rape. She had illicit sex with an underage student. True, this teacher was due to surrender on Friday, but she resigned from her post and has not yet appeared in court.

26 years old from Oklahoma Emily Hancock (Emily Hancock) was also arrested on Thursday April 13, after local police obtained information about her illegal relationship with one of the students. Hancock had been talking to an underage student on Snapchat since October last year. He was charged under several articles, including obscene or indecent things or acts with a child under 16; There is an allegation of sending and soliciting lewd or lewd writing or nude photos with a minor using technology and talking about sex.

wellston public school teacher Emma Delaney Hancock The one who came here as a substitute teacher, is also accused of having sex with an underage child inside the school grounds and having sex chats on Snapchat.

36 years as an English teacher in a school in Des Moines, Iowa “Kristen Gant” He was also accused of having sex with a teenager on several occasions inside and outside his school. He was also arrested on Friday. He had sex with a teenage student five times inside and outside his school. Several times he and the student were seen on CCTV going to class together.

33-year-old teacher at James Madison High School “Alih Kherdamand” But is also accused of having had illicit sexual relations with a student for several months. An English news channel FFXNow gave this information.

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Where are the parents of the student victims?

The mother of one of the boy victims told FOX56: “These children are unaware of the laws that protect their rights. He said the kids didn’t come forward out of fear, they (the kids) must have felt they might get in trouble if they did.

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