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In the midst of the ceasefire, Russia attacked the cities of Ukraine, what is Putin’s plan? learn



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Attack warnings echo across the skies amid Christmas
President Zelensky already suspected Russia’s intention
Putin called for a ceasefire at the request of the Orthodox Church

Moscow. There is big news from Russia amid the ceasefire. Russia invaded eastern Ukraine as part of a 36-hour ceasefire. The peoples of Russia and Ukraine celebrate Christmas on January 6-7. But despite this, the sound of planes and warnings of attacks echo in the sky. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously expressed doubts about Putin’s intentions. He had declared on January 5 that Russia would continue the war under the pretext of a ceasefire and attack with new force.

Zelensky had said that Russia is now making Christmas a shield to prevent our warriors from entering Donbass in the eastern region. Meanwhile, he plans to bring his weapon, the explosive, closer to us. However, Zelensky did not say whether he would ignore Putin’s call. US President Joe Biden also mentioned Zelensky’s concern. He said it is surprising that Putin is ready to attack hospitals, nurseries and churches even on Christmas and New Years. I think Putin is trying to get oxygen without acting.

This could be Putin’s decision
According to India Today reports, State Department spokesman Ned Price said America did not believe much in Putin’s announcement. This could be Putin’s ploy to rest between ceasefires, set things right, regroup and regroup, and then launch a final offensive. On the other hand, the Institute of the study also believes that Russia can increase the strength of its country through a ceasefire. Officials said the ceasefire would benefit Russia and prevent Ukraine from taking any initiative. With this step, Putin can tell the world that Ukraine is not cooperating peacefully.

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