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In this country, a person was sentenced to death for 1 kg of cannabis, will be hanged after 5 days



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Last year 11 people were hanged for drug trafficking
This law is highly contested in many countries around the world.
Rights activists have long been trying to get the law banned

Singapore: Many strict laws have been passed in different countries around the world regarding the prevention of drug trafficking. Recently, the Singapore case surfaced. Where a person was sentenced to death simply for conspiring to smuggle marijuana. The person accused of conspiring to smuggle Ganja will be hanged next week. Rights groups say it is the first hanging in the city in six months.

According to the report published by AFP, Singaporean Tangaraju Supiah (46) will be hanged on Wednesday for drug trafficking. A notice has been sent by the prison service to the family of the person to be hanged. This notice was posted on social media by rights activists. Amnesty International strongly condemned the decision on Friday and called it “extremely cruel”.

A spokesperson for the regional office of Amnesty told AFP that if done, it would violate the application of international law and Singapore strongly opposes the use of the death penalty.

The Amnesty Office, which opposes the death penalty for conspiracy to smuggle cannabis, says many parts of the world, including neighboring Singapore’s Thailand, have decriminalized cannabis. But the authorities waived the prison sentence. At the same time, rights groups are lobbying these crimes to abolish laws like the death penalty in Singapore.

The Asian financial hub has some of the strictest anti-narcotics laws in the world. They say the death penalty remains effective against trafficking.

Tangaraju was convicted of this in 2017. On top of that, 1,017.9 grams (35.9 oz), which is double the minimum amount, is a big reason for the death penalty. He was sentenced to death in 2018 and the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. Prosecutors said they had two cell phone numbers used as contacts. Human rights activist Kirsten Hahn told AFP what was particularly disturbing was that Tangraju had never used drugs.

The police interrogated him even without legal advice, and a Tamil translator was also refused. High Court Judge Hu Shou Peng said anyone who encourages the commission of an offense under the law will also be guilty of that offense and face the same penalty.

Hu said the charge against the defendant had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Singapore will resume capital punishment in March 2022 after a gap of more than two years. Last year, 11 people were sentenced to death for drug-related offences. Among those who were hanged was Nagendran K. There was also Dharmalingam who was considered mentally incompetent. There was a worldwide outcry over it. His hanging had sparked outrage at the United Nations and elsewhere, including British tycoon Richard Branson. This death penalty law of Singapore is also not considered rational compared to international human rights law which is only given for very serious crimes.

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