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India gave this advice at the very beginning… You know what Prime Minister Modi said about the Russian-Ukrainian war?



New Delhi. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed virtually the 7th Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Russia. During it, Prime Minister Modi also spoke about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine (Russian-Ukrainian War). “The Russian-Ukrainian dispute must be resolved through dialogue,” he said. From the start of the Ukrainian conflict, we have insisted on the need to take the path of diplomacy and dialogue. We support all peaceful efforts to end this conflict.

Prime Minister Modi said: “In today’s global world, events in one part of the world impact the whole world. The Ukrainian conflict and the Covid pandemic have had a major impact on the global supply chain. The shortage of food, fuel and fertilizer is a matter of great concern for developing countries.

30 years of establishment of Indian Embassy in Vladivostok
Addressing the forum, Prime Minister Modi said: “I am glad to have had the chance to join you virtually at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladi-Vostok. This month marks the 30th anniversary establishment of the Indian Embassy in Vladivostok India was the first country to open an embassy there.

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Huge potential in these areas
Prime Minister Modi added: “In 2019, I had the good fortune to participate in this face-to-face forum. At that time, we announced the India Far East Policy Act. As a result, India’s cooperation with the Russian Far East has intensified in various fields “India is keen to enhance its partnership with Russia on Arctic matters,” he said. cooperation in the field of energy are immense.Alongside energy, India has also made significant investments in the Russian Far East in the fields of pharmaceuticals and diamonds.

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The war in Ukraine lasts 6 months
The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since February 24. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (PGO) said that so far 382 children have died in Ukraine and 741 have been injured after the Russian attack. More than half of the Ukrainian population devastated by the Russian attack fled to other countries. Some people are still not ready to leave the country. They believe that whatever they are, they are here. Things will improve in a few days. According to the media, 388 children died in Donestk, 204 in Kharkiv, 116 in Kyiv, 71 in Mykolaiv, 61 in Lugansk, 55 in Kherson and 46 in Zaporizhia.

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