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India has criticized Pakistan a lot on terrorism, Foreign Minister Jaishankar says in Austria – If I wanted to…



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Pakistan is the same country that attacked the city of Mumbai
Could have used harsher words than this “epicenter” of terrorism
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will visit Austria on January 3

S Jaishankar Austria Visit: Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S Jaishankar is on a tour of Austria these days. The Minister for External Affairs has briefed the world on many serious issues, in particular terrorism Presentation of India’s position against terrorism. At the same time, the neighboring country of India attacked Pakistan. Attacking Pakistan, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said the epicenter of terrorism is very close to India. Pakistan is the same country that attacked the city of Mumbai. Hotels attacked and foreign tourists. Every day sends terrorists across the border.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar briefed Austrian leaders on threats to international peace resulting from terrorism. Sharing his views on terrorism globally, he also said on behalf of Pakistan that Pakistan attacked the city of Mumbai and targeted innocent people and foreign tourists. Not only that, every day he does the job of sending terrorists across the border. The base of terrorism, Pakistan, is very close to us.

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Presenting a tough stance on Pakistani terrorism, he said if I had wanted to, I could have used harsher words than this epicenter of terrorism. Epicenter is a very diplomatic word bearing in mind what is happening with us. It is a country that attacked our Parliament a few years ago. He said the center of terrorism is near India.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is on tour in Austria. He will stay there until January 3. During this time, he maintained his point on many issues. He kept his sights on one of the world’s most serious problems, terrorism. Even before that, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar shared his views on terrorism globally.

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