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‘India is the mother of democracy, a force for global good’ – 10 important things PM Modi said in Sydney



Sidney. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an extensive Indian diaspora program at the packed Kudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday. During it, he enumerated India’s achievements and at the same time, giving a big gift to the Indian Diaspora, announced the upcoming opening of the Indian Consulate in Brisbane.

In the presence of his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese at the ‘Namaste Australia’ event, Prime Minister Modi said that the greatest basis of India-Australia relations today is ‘mutual trust and mutual respect’ and that the real basis of that is every Indian living in Australia and all Australians living in Australia are citizens.

Prime Minister Modi says there was a time when India-Australia relations were defined by the ‘Triple C’ i.e. Commonwealth (Commonwealth), cricket and curry , and after that it was said that the relationship between the two countries was based on the “3 D”, that is, Democracy (democracy), diaspora (migrants) and friendship. Along with this, some people have also said that the relationship between India and Australia is based on the “3 Es” i.e. energy (energy), economy (economy) and education (education).

Prime Minister Modi said: “Sometimes C, sometimes D and sometimes E. This may have been true at different times, but the extent of India’s historical relationship with Australia is far greater than that. Mutual trust and respect did not evolve from diplomatic relations between India and Australia alone. The real reason is that every Indian living in Australia… The real reason is Australian citizens.

Prime Minister Modi said there is definitely a geographical distance between the two countries but the Indian Ocean connects them, lifestyles may be different but now yoga also connects them. He said the two countries have been associated with cricket for a long time, but now tennis and movies also connect them.

Prime Minister Modi said, “It is a great pleasure to join the Indian Diaspora in the community program.” He said: ‘Today I came to you, so I will also make an announcement. The long-standing request of the Indian community in Brisbane will be met. Soon an Indian consulate will be opened in Brisbane.

The Prime Minister said that deepening India-Australia partnership would empower every Indian as they have the strength of talent and skills as well as their own cultural values. He said: “These values ​​play a big part in helping you get along with the Australian people.”

Prime Minister Modi has called Overseas Indians living in Australia India’s “cultural ambassadors” and India’s “brand ambassadors” and urged them to bring one or other Australian friend with them whenever they come to their home country. He said, “It will give them a better chance to understand and know India.

Prime Minister Modi also said, “Today India is called the force for global good. Wherever there is a disaster, India stands ready to help. Recently, when the earthquake wreaked havoc in Turkey, India reached out through “Operation Dost”.

Addressing the Indian Diaspora, Prime Minister Modi said, “India is not lacking in capability, India is not lacking in resources either. Today, the country with the largest and youngest talent factory in the world is… India.

Prime Minister Modi said: “The country that carried out the fastest vaccination program in the world during the Corona outbreak…that country is India.” Today, the country with the fastest growing economy in the world is… India. Today, the country that is the world’s largest consumer of smartphone data is India.

Prime Minister Modi said here that India is a living civilization thousands of years old. India is the mother of democracy. We’ve shaped ourselves by the times, but we’ve always stayed true to our core, fundamental principles.


FIRST POST: May 23, 2023, 5:13 p.m. HST