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Indian ambassador receives ‘Sikh Hero Award’, unites Khalsa, sarcasm on score



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Khalsa is a unifying force, not division, says Indian Ambassador to US
He said Khalsa was founded by Guru Gobind Singh on Baisakhi day to unite not divide.
The Khalsa Panth was founded by the 10th Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs in 1699.

WashingtonIndia’s Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, has said the Khalsa is a “uniting force, not dividing”. He made the comment days after a small group of Khalistan supporters violently demonstrated outside the Indian mission. Sandhu, who himself comes from a prominent Sikh family, made the remarks on Saturday at an event where he was honored with the “Sikh Hero Award” along with other prominent American Sikhs.

In his address, Sandhu said, “The Khalsa was founded by Guru Gobind Singh on the day of Baisakhi to unite and not divide. Significantly, the Khalsa Panth was founded by the 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699. The Indian Ambassador to the United States said that the fundamental principles of Sikhism and history are universality, unity, equality, living with integrity, service, meditation, peace of mind and goodwill towards people.

He said the Khalsa flag which is hoisted over Akal Takht and Nishan Sahib is a symbol of unity, peace and universal love. The Indian diplomat stressed that Sikhism is a religion of inclusion, brotherhood, love, equality. Referring to violent protests by a small group of separatists in the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, he said: “We should focus on these core values ​​(the fundamentals of Sikhism, including love and brotherhood) and not on virtual media. Using the qualities projected by the mischievous characters.

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In his speech, Sandhu called on the Sikh community to come together in India’s development and contribute to the country’s economy, digitalization, health and entrepreneurship. “Under these circumstances, there is a need for Punjab and the youth of Punjab to join in the economic, financial, technological and digital revolution that is taking place in India,” he said. America in various fields, which is tried by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden.

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